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Dressing in class does not have to be difficult, but it will take some time to mix your personal style with the sophisticated new way of dressing. Do not automatically discard clothes that you already have in your closet. You may be able to integrate items in ways that you did not think were possible.

My style is more classic and minimalist, but I like to add color when I can. As you can see in this outfit post, I am wearing an elegant dress but with a pattern that screams personality. The little color combinations do not overwhelm the dress or me, they just add to my look.

This dress has all the details I mentioned above, with the bottom ends just above the knees, a scoop neckline, and it is tight but not fitted. It has the elegant shape but with a bit of attitude.

I paired it with a red bag, fun metallic court shoes and minimal accessories – sunglasses, earrings and a stylish watch. Simple, elegant, sophisticated and this outfit perfectly reflects my personal style.

Then look at the closet again. Maybe you can lower the edge of your favorite skirt or add an edge to pants that are too long for your ballerinas. And the floral silk blouse? It looks great with a neutral skirt and matching heels. You do not have to completely abandon your own style to be classic and elegant, but it does require a little effort and change.

Ready to make a graceful transition? Remember that teaching does not mean boring or without personality. Dressing in class means dressing elegantly and sophistically. It is also timeless and elegant.

If you feel like jumping from one style to another and you do not have the wardrobe that represents where you are in your life, start integrating the style tips I mention in this post! Buy pieces that you can wear for more than one season, and remember that a good tailor is worth every penny.

1. Find Your Style Vibe

What's Your Style Vibe? Take Our Quiz to Find Out

Next time you admire a person’s personal image (or are jealous that it looks so good), ask yourself “why do I like it?” “What is it about her mood that I would like to have?”

  • Is it sporty in streetwear?
  • How glamorous does it look?
  • Is your overall cool girl factor?
  • Is it comfortable but perfectly groomed that it looks?
  • Does his strong presence get your attention?

Reproduce the personal style you love as an anthropologist. Instead of judging, borrow from the image of someone else.

This is based on the complexity of combining whole styles, because instead of just appreciating one thing or a detail, you capture the feeling of an overall aesthetic.

Let’s imagine that you would love to feel more (insert an adjective) and (another emotion). You often see women who reflect it in the way they dress and you admire it.

These women catch your attention because they do it in the most authentic way. For them, it is an internal feeling that they convey through their clothing choices. They dress to express that part of themselves.

For example: in these pictures there are examples of the sexy and the feminine interpreted in different ways.

The sensuality of Kim Kardashian’s cleavage (bottom right) is a sexy version of a woman, while Meghan Markle’s jeans (center left) and sharp black stilettos are another. Another footage is Margot Robby’s combat boot or leopard print dress. What elements make up each version?

Apply it: look at the pictures. There are several examples of personal style from which one can steal ideas.

What kind of sexy / feminine mood do you associate most? How can you create more of it in your style?

2.Know why you like it, to wear it

Do you like to see people wear sneakers without socks? I think it is very attractive. - Quora

People who have an incredible style are in line with their tastes and effortlessly build a wardrobe with them.

They build a wardrobe with what feels good.

By refining your understanding of why you like an item, you will be more successful in choosing the pieces that make you feel united.

Have you ever heard yourself say:

“Oh, that’s a nice shirt.”

“These pants are good.”

“That shirt is weird.”

“I want that shoe.”

Next time you like or dislike a garment (yours, a colleague’s, in a store, etc.), make a note of why.

When an article attracts us or disgusts us, there are details that make it feel good or not. Whether it’s the color, the folds, the fabric or the way it moves, it’s your job to understand why you love it or hate it.

As you begin to pay attention to why you like something, you will notice patterns in your style settings. These patterns are valuable information for better attire. Our awareness of why something attracts us is a tool to create more of it in our lives.

Apply it: Once your preferences are listed, go to a store and scan until you find pieces that reflect your favorite details. Try them.

3.Wear your entire wardrobe at least once

Closet Hacks: How to properly store your clothes

Let’s be honest: you have so much shit you never put on and you refuse to regret.

Forget Marie Kondo (at least for your closet). Follow my Use It Once process to clear the clutter of your closet, without spending extra money or extra time on your wardrobe.

Wearing every piece of clothing gives you one of two things: a new strength for her or a clear feeling that the clothes need to disappear.

If you are not sure if you should throw something away, put it back on. You will have clarity at the end of the day whether you want to keep it or not.

Commit to the final choice.

Use it: Wear something every day that you have not yet used in your everyday clothes. Do this in constant rotation until you have used everything at least once.

4. Arm yourself with competency

Would you like to wear- jumpsuit or romper | Did You Know Fashion

“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.

Just like when learning to cook, personal style develops best when creativity meets competition. One must learn to give up the knife before one can advance in culinary art. Sometimes this can happen naturally, but most of the time it is the culmination of effort and self-expression over the years. Refine your hard edges and you will have more freedom to play.

  • Follow teachers who share their experiences.
  • Educate yourself about the science of fashion and apply the teachings.
  • I promise you will feel confident that you are making sophisticated decisions once you have developed a stronger sense of skill.
  • Over time, you will become more comfortable exploring your creativity and expanding your horizons.
  • Apply it: hire an expert. Take a class. Act according to what you know.

5. Embrace and figure out your body’s shape

Every Body Can Be a Bikini Body | See Inner Beauty

Your body is the latest fashion accessory and you are your canvas. When we struggle to understand how we dress our forms, it can hinder creativity and / or highlight our insecurities, leaving us frustrated and limited in opportunities.

Understanding your body shape is not:

  • About getting it wrong.
  • Finding faults to look better.
  • Working to look like someone else’s ideal.

Understanding your body shape is:

  • To learn your proportions correctly
  • Understand how your figure translates into clothing design.
  • An integrated step to make smarter shopping and end frustrating shopping experiences.

Your body is as it is and will continue to change as you get older. Learning to work and love what you have is one of your greatest resources. Women who know what works for their body know how to flatter it.

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