Easy looking Dresses In A New Kind of Fashion-!

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love sweatshirts. Probably too much, but can you blame me? They are comfortable, versatile and practical. The only thing that can make them better is turning them into an all-in-one outfit. Now I can wear a sweatshirt, no pants? You had me in hello Mr. Shirt. Because I am a kind soul, I want to share with you how to flawlessly style your sweatshirt dresses to achieve the highest level of elegance.


Paired With Sneakers: Give that sweatshirt-like dress that sporty touch you crave. Besides loving a great sweatshirt, I also have an affinity for dope kicks. I mean, isn’t Nike ID the best thing that ever happened? Uh, yeah. For this look, I played with the pink in my shoes to match the beautiful mauve shade of my dress. The best part is that even if you keep it casual, the girlish tones bring a femininity to the look that will take the kids to the garden. Please refer to this post for more details on the above look.

Put on your boots: You can spruce up your sweatshirt dress with a pair of knees like one of my favorite bloggers, Kayla, behind Not Your Standard. The key here is to make sure your proportions are correct. Your dress needs to be shirt enough to accommodate those boots, otherwise you run the risk of losing the effect. With just a hint of thigh showing that you are covered but still sexy. If the cold has gotten to where you are, feel free to add a pair of socks underneath for even more umph.

Fold the dress up: This is a style that may not be for everyone, but adding extra layers to your dress might not be a bad idea, either. Giving more fluidity to a piece that may be rigid will make it more whimsical. And who doesn’t like whims from time to time. This is your chance to break up that sundress you love or add some tulle to a casual look.

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